Annual report

Annual Reports Dispute Online

We publish an annual report of our activities on this page.

Dispute Online: Report of our activities

We publish an annual overview of our activities on this page. The first annual overview will be published in March 2016 and will cover the year 2015. You will then receive information from us about:

  • The number of disputes we have handled
  • The most common types of disputes
  • Structural or very common problems with online sales
  • The percentage of disputes declared inadmissible and the reasons why
  • The percentage of disputes that have been stopped and the reasons for it
  • The average time for handling the disputes
  • As far as is known, the percentage of cases in which the judgment has been complied with by parties
  • Collaborations with other (cross-border) dispute resolution bodies.

The annual report will be made available both online and offline.